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Towards a Level Playing Field,
second edition.

Report undertaken by Stikeman Elliott on behalf of the ITIO and STEP.



OECD eases conditions for tax havens: 'name & shame deadline' postponed to February
Latin American, Caribbean & Central America Report
11 December 2001

Financial centres ready to bar terrorist financing International Money Marketing
6 December 2001

Cash-filled suitcases give way to hedge funds
International Money Marketing
6 December 2001

Tax havens question OECD fairness
Legal Media Group
25 November 2001

Offshore jurisdictions worry about OECD report
19 November 2001

L'ITIO (paradis fiscaux) salue avec des réserves le compromis de l'OCDE
Agence France Press
16 November 2001

Offshore jurisdictions give guarded welcome to OECD report
16 November 2001

ITIO calls for consistency from OECD, London
25 October 2001

A tax on freedom
Portfolio International
3 October 2001

Despite US objections, OECD's tax haven drive rolls on
International Money Marketing
3 October 2001

ITIO supports fights against terrorism, warns on human rights
Public Radio International, "The World"
25 September 2001

BVI Prime Minister warns OECD not to exclude offshore jurisdictions
6 August 2001

ITIO calls on OECD to demonstrate good faith
Euromoney / International Tax Review
July / August 2001

US eases stance on 'tax havens'
BBC News online
20 July 2001

Offshore tax havens reject calls for transparency
Third World Network
12 July 2001

Welcome for OECD tax deal
Sunday Business
1 July 2001

So-called tax havens are warning the OECD that its tax project has no future unless they are involved in the process
BBC World Service, Caribbean Report (requires Real Player)
26 June 2001

World's richest nations meet to consider fate of offshore banking havens
Miami Herald
18 June 2001

U.S. drops objections to OECD tax haven crusade
13 June 2001

U.S. Under Pressure for Opposing Curb on Tax Havens, Money Laundering
Sunday Business (London)
10 June 2001

Commonwealth states urge OECD to delay tax haven deadline
Agence France Presse
7 June 2001

Strength in numbers: the International Tax and Investment Organization is here and it means business
OFC Publications
17 May 2001

Low-Tax Jurisdictions Press OECD to Answer Questions on Fairness
Tax Notes International
14 May 2001

US Undermines OECD Harmful Tax Initiative
Offshore Red
May 2001

British Territories Don't Plan to Endorse OECD Tax Crackdown
Tax Notes International
14 May 2001

US Retreating from OECD Crackdown on Tax Havens
Bloomberg News
10 May 2001

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The ITIO has thanked Commonwealth Secretary-General McKinnon for his stance following the publication of an OECD report, 'Tax Co-operation: Towards  a Level Playing Field'...

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